Chivas Royal Salute

Chivas Regal 21 Year Royal Salute Blue is a quality blended whiskey from Scotland. It is bottled in a beautiful dark blue bottle that is packed in a box of the same color. The distillate was allowed to mature in oak barrels for a total of 21 years before being bottled. The number of years of maturation is obtained from the number of cannon shots fired during the inauguration of Queen Elizabeth II. The result is of very high quality. The nose reveals intense notes of malt, ripe apples, sweet chocolate and a unique influence of brandy. These flow together with hints of pears , citrus fruit and cherries, with a touch of oak that can be recognized in the background. The taste of the whiskey is almost as versatile as the smell. This opens with notes of hazelnuts , and further develops into sherry, ripe pears and marmalade . This is supported by a herbal blend. The whole is rounded off by a warm, long-lasting aftertaste.

Type: Whiskey
Volume: 700ml

272,50 nafl inc OB
per bottle